About Al.So
Alternate Soundings or AL.SO , is a French high-end pro audio equipment manufacturing & designing company offering outbo6ards and professional tools for sound engineers, producers and musicians looking for quality and pure sound.

Established in 2002, the company is led by Olivier Bolling, a multi-skilled audio professional, active in the pro audio world since 1986.

AL.SO introduced its first Sound Tools at the 2006 AES show in Paris: DYNAX and EZAX, 2 different versions of the same compressor, with the unavoidable ęAnti-DynaĽ mode that allows original and crazy sound shaping and dynamic control.

Later, Dynax became Dynax 2, a stereo version of the original compressor presented at the 2007 AES Vienna and NYC shows.

Al.So then releases a new range of fully compatible 500 series form factor modules, offering genuine innovations like: Dual Pre / DI unit in a single slot, 500 series module, the MP2. A 26 channels summing mixer module (M2B,M2M and M26). And even a monitoring controller unit, the M2U. All these units combined, offer  more than 50 channels of summing and monitoring control in a single API 6 slots Lunchbox !

In October 2009, the company introduced the HELLAX, a high quality & multi-purpose mono opto compressor & limiter for tracking / mixing allowing light compression to total dynamic control of various types of instruments and voices.

The 5 Series (5 for 500 series format) was introduced in 2011 at the New York AES.

These days, AL.SO is working on several new projects ...

AL.SO's philosophy and goal is to provide clever and well adapted solutions for today's modern audio. Al.So is not following the current "fashion". Our experience led us to start designing studio gear with a different point and a strong view.

Some manufacturers tend to focus their researches on a certain technology. For us, technology is just a way to reach a specific goal, not a commercial issue. We‚€™ve been often asked: why AL.SO‚€™s first release, the Dynax (contraction for Dynamic Sound Shaper) is not a tube compressor? The answer is simple: a technology based on solid state was the best choice for what we wanted to achieve with the unit and its technical specifications (very low distortion, low noise ‚€¶etc.). Be sure that first developpement was based on tube technology.

A lot of famous sound engineers already acclaimed the Dynax and its wide possibilities of compression. If certain piece of gear sound best with a transistor based technology, why should we use tubes? We don‚€™t think a certain technology is better than the another. It all depends on what we want to achieve with our equipment. The developments and the ideas are open.

However, one thing we care about while designing our circuitry is Quality. All AL.SO products use selected parts mounted in the right way. The riability is so high that you can use Al.So products for years with the minimum maintenance !

For us, the main thing is Music. At Al.So, we always design the gear with Music in mind ‚€¶
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About Olivier Bolling, the founder
Born in 1967, Olivier Bolling is a real music addict (clasical and Jazz trumpet player).

Musician since childhood, mastering engineer in his early 20s, maintenance technician, then technical manager for TV and recording studios, Olivier Bolling knows perfectly the real needs of both recording and mixing engineers.

During his10 years experience as the technical manager of PLUS XXX studios, the most famous French world class studios, he designed 2 new control rooms and recording studios. At this time, he was also contacted by Robin Porter and all the AMS-Neve design team to be part of the "Barchetta" 88R project. That‚€™s how the first Neve 88R in the world has been installed at PLUS XXX studios.

Now working with a full team of audio professionals, Olivier Bolling designs, builds and installs studios for Producers, Artists and commercial purposes.

As the main designer for Alternate Soundings, Olivier Bolling can design equipment that definitely match customer‚€™s needs. Today, as the CEO, Olivier Bolling is joined by an entire team to develop the commercial and general release of AL.SO product range.

Thanks: To all people contributing directly to ALSO: Ramine Parsivand; KTY, Alexandra and Regis Bolling, FranÁois "Bootz" Boutault, Olivier Mortier, Christophe Saudemont,Fabrice Dupont, the Juke Box team‚€¶

All my friends from the international team of sound engineers who support Al.So and helped me during the developpemnt stage, especially the ex PLUS  XXX  Jean Paul Gonnod, Julien Delfaud, Yann Arnaud, Mickael Rangeard, team John Paterno, James Farber, Manny Maroquin, Tom Durack, Russ Elevado ... etc.

SPECIAL THANKS to Alain le Kim for the photos, the films, the jokes and his advices (www.soundstrips.com).