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The AL.SO Hellax is a mono optical Compressor / Limiter.  The Hellax is not the mono version of our Dynax 2 but a
separate design with dedicated features. The Hellax has been designed to perform as your go-to compressor for voice
as well as various sensitive instruments such as strings, brass, woodwinds, guitar and bass ..etc.

It does so without producing any audible compression artefacts so commonly heard with most competitors.
Nevertheless if used with more extreme settings the Hellax can live up to the task of producing impressive and
creative compression effects.

Like all Al.So products the Hellax’ construction is extraordinairy robust and is built to last a lifetime no matter if used
in a studio environment or on tour . It’s entirely hand made in France and comes with an all metal chassis as well as
highest quality controls and components only.

The front panel controls are very intuitive and quickly taken in hand.
The functions are:
POWER switch: turns the unit On / Off 
VU meter: back-lighted in red it reflects precisely the reaction of the compressor according to the Attack and
Release settings. It continuously displays the current gain reduction.
RATIO: Offers three different ratios.
> LOW, about 3:1
> MEDIUM, about 10:1
> HIGH, infinite:1
Set to the latter, the Hellax performs as a Brickwall limiter and wont allow the signal to go beyond the level of the
treshold setting.
BASS DRIVE (stepped): Adds a high pass filter into the detection chain of the Hellax. Three selectable frequencies
are available: 100Hz, 200Hz and 300Hz. By activating this feature too much compression triggered by lower
frequencies can be avoided. This can be particularly useful for instruments like bass or Cello and the like, more so if
the user intends to apply a lot of compression. With the filter disabled (set to "Full“) the full input signal is sent to the
compressor sidechain.
ATTACK: Sets the attack time of the compressor
RELEASE (stepped): Sets the release time of the compressor
COMPRESSION: Sets the compression treshold in a clockwise manner.  Fully turned right is the max position. So
it's operating  in an opposite way than a standard threshold function: Left is less, right is more compression.
MAKE UP: Sets the output level of the signal after processing.
BYPASS: Lets you compare the original input signal with the processed one. When active processing is bypassed
by relay.
BLEND: Allows for parallel compression, i.e. to mix the original signal (DRY) with the processed signal (WET) from
0-100%. The control is unstepped.

Front panel
The front panel controls are very intuitive and quickly taken in hand. The inscriptions are protected high quality

The front panel pots of Hellax are very high quality components like Sfernice, ELMA and Apem potentiometers and

The electronics of Hellax have three main stages:
The input Stage is based on a DC servo technology that eliminates the capacitors in the signal path offering a very low
distortion and high fidelity signal.
Then there is an Intermediate stage for the optical gain reduction. This is a technology that offers again a very low
distortion rate of the signal. It allows to
apply huge gain reduction rates without changing the signal tone or color.
The output stage uses a  Swoster transformer (UK) offering high signal fidelity along with very subtle colouration.

The rear panel of Hellax hosts the IEC connector for the power cord, the 2 XLR input / output signal connectors and a
TRS connector for the sidechain input or link or 2 units for stereo operation.
Hellax Sidechain filters section
Fonction Blend fu Hellax
Hellax VU meter


  Mono Opto Compressor
  3 Compression ratios: 3:1,  10:1 and Infinite:1
  Soft Knee
  Extremely large time constant ranges
  Bass Drive or compression Sidechain filters at 100Hz, 200Hz & 300Hz
  Control through an external input signal for De-essing or De-popping
  External sidechain input
  Blend function or parallel compression for blending the original signal with the processed one
  100% hand made from high-end and selected components only
  Designed by Olivier Bolling
  Compatible with 110 / 230 Volts 50 / 60Hz


also-hellax-best-opto-compressor also-hellax-mono-opto-compressor-front
also-hellax-analog-mono-compressor also-hellax-compresseur-analogique-arriere



No audio samples are available for now, sorry.


Petite histoire du Hellax
A l’origine Hellax s’appellait ELAX, anagramme de ALEX. Pendant la mise au point, certains ingénieurs du son, guitaristes de Rock et parce que la machine est versatile, ont suggérés d’ajouter un diablotin amusant sur la face avant. La plaisanterie continua avec la mention 666,la façade noire,le Vu mètre rouge. Juste avant de lancer la fabrication, un certain Christophe B (dont nous souhaitons garder l’identité secrète), rapporta que nous avions manqué la meilleure plaisanterie: Elax devait devenir HELLax.

Il n’ y a bien sà»r rien de plus que cette anecdote, personne chez AL.SO ne fait la promotion des peurs ancestrales, n’ en déplaise aux descendants (?) de Bernadette S.!


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