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AL.SO MP2 is the really first double preamplifier module of the market. This let you you multiply by 2 your rack and Lunchboxes capacity and load twice more pres with your usual setup. The MP2 host 2 high-end microphone preamplifiers ina single 500 series format slot. Perfect on the most delicate sources (voice, percussions, acoustic guitars, violins, brass…etc.).

How does it work? The 1st preamplifier (the upper one) use the standard rear connections of the 500 series chassis connections and the 2nd preamplifier XLR I/O connectors are placed on the front panel of the module (see specifications tab).

The MP2 is compatible with microphone and line signals, a remarquable faithfull, airy and musical pre.

Double your 500 series racks and Lunchboxes capacity !


The very first single slot, 500 series dual preamplifier
Imput transformer SOWTER (UK)
Electronically balanced output
High-end Clarostat potentiometers (plastic audio track)
The audio signal doesn't pass through switches, the switching is done by relays to ensure the highest reliability and the lowest possible distortion.
Polarity Inversion by commutation, to avoid a extra electronic stage
Gain: from -2dB to +60 dB
Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 60 dB of gain: 0,007% @ 1 kHz
Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at -2dB dB gain: 0,0041%@ 1 kHz
Bandwidth at 60 dB gain: 10Hz/100 kHz( ± 0,3 dB )
Bandwidth at -2 dB gain:10Hz/100 kHz ( ± 1 dB )
Power consumption: less than 90 mA per power rail
Compatible with all standard 500 series racks and lunchboxes
100% hand built in France
Designed by Olivier Bolling


Al.So MP2 al.so-mp2-connections MP2


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